Founded in 1992.

Kenya school of flying is one of the oldest aviation schools in Kenya.

Having the largest fleet of trainers in the country.

Single Engine Aircraft: C150, Piper cherokee & Cessna 172.

Multi Engine Aircraft: Piper Seneca 2 and Beechcraft Baron 58.

They also offer ground school which is pretty much organised.

The school is owned and managed by one of Kenya’s Ultimate Aviator, Capt. Ririani.

Courses offered are:

  • Private Pilot Course.
  • Commercial Pilot course.
  • Airline transport pilot course.
  • Night rating.
  • Instrument rating.
  • Multi engine rating.
  • Instructor rating.
  • Foreign licence conversion.

They are based in Wilson Airport in Nairobi and Orly airpark in Kajiado.

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  1. Are there scholarships because I’d really love to join your school but i don’t have that kind of money for schoolfees??

  2. Flying school am gonna join you soon.God help mi…

  3. good

  4. my name is flavian and av always wanted to be a pilot since the fast day I knew an aircraft, that was in 2002 end naw am about to finish my secondary studies here in Kenya, tho am lat due to financial clashes but I am one lucky guy how dose not give up on what I want end thats why am going to try my level best so that i can join Kenya school of flying next year.

  5. am antony and i want to be a pilot but the kind of finances required are too high for me,can anyone advice how i can get financial help for the course.your help will be very much appreciated,thank you

  6. julius wanjau kahindo says:

    Am Julius wanjau and i’m very interested in piloting.Unfortunately i may not raise the required amount of money at a while due to financial inability.Is there any assistance you can give so as to enable me pursue my course there.Any assistance towards this concern will be maximumly appreciated.GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH

  7. What qualifications is one required to meet in order to join the school?

  8. Seline Awour says:

    Does the school offer scholarships ?I would really love to join this school but on scholarship due to financial constraints

  9. winfred mwau says:

    I realy would like to be a pilot but i have no money to pay.Can one learn and pay the money after earning?please help and God will bless.

  10. I have since when young longed to be a pilot. financial abilities of my family are way below the cost of acquiring the licenses. I he-by appeal for any financial or advisory assistance from any reader. I cleared high school last year and I had good grades. Thank you in advance.

  11. Erick Wambua says:

    I interest may mean a must-be,God knows my fate since am too interested in the field if piloting. i done my kcse last year and am glad i got above the required grade.may lord help me to overcome the only Barrier.FINANCIAL CONSTRAINS.Hoping to RUSHANDEGE in life.

  12. thanx 4 what u r doin & God bless!!!!!!

  13. Lewis mutwiri says:

    I love to be a pilot,have a KSCE mean grade of B-,MATH C- AND PHYSICS C,i believe myself and i can do much for my determination,plz advice me what to sir.

  14. Regina wanjiru Ndirangu says:

    flying has been my dream career ever since. When i cleared high school, i had high hopes of doing this but somewhere on my way, i gave up due to my financial status. Five years down and i still think about what i think is my job. Now,how can i be helped? I am really into this. Thank you

  15. ISAAC KIROMBO says:

    I am Isaac Kirombo,the rate of this air school is extremely very good,good organization,customer relations perfect.
    I wish to get the fee structure for Private Piloting-Helicopter training.I am so ambitious and in the next 2years,i pray to God to help me through and get what my hear is for,my dream job-PILOT, and work for the following:The Kenya Defense Forces(Army/Air force),Kenya Pipeline,Kenya Police Air wing,Kenya wildlife,Flying Doctors,Search and rescue and Mission organizations.

    Oh God Almighty,guide and lead me through to achieve my dream.

  16. If the school can provide sponsoreship i will be the first to join on any conditions given.I am waiting... says:


  17. Abraham joseph says:

    Someone help me please to achieve my goal and dreams to be a pilot.I am in form three

  18. robert momanyj says:

    Ever since ave been thinking of becoming a pilot.ave
    flown several times more especially using twin otter n a Let 410
    I miss that adreline .i may raise the fee of chasing a PPL but
    CPL,mult engine /IR i can’t afford.plz help me coz ave seen
    many products flying the sister company -aeronav and others
    flying 4 blue-sky, mombasa air etc.plz advise.

  19. khamis mwangombe says:

    hey i want to join the school of flying but how will i start and what do i need to have

  20. sylvia S L says:

    hi i have two queries 1 are there scholarships offered to students or loans tht are to be paid later? 2 how long does it take

  21. Abdulkarim bake says:

    My dream is to become a pilote but mi mean grade is below ur requirement but I have done air travel $ ticketing and I have a diploma from IATA can I join your school plz help me

  22. Now all those seeking flight training but are constrained financially, I would advice you try KQ’s pilot training programme. All you need is good grades, be below 24 years and have a pass in Physics. Apply online on the KQ web page if you are lucky……..


  24. i really hope dat al b joining u nxt year.

  25. i realy hope al b joining u nxt year

  26. John kimani says:

    Am John Kimani,i have always dreamt of being a pilot,having this urge from my childhood,an opportunity to make put my aviation sick mind would fulfil my greatest dream,but i can not afford a steady payment of fees,is there any kind of sponsorship offered in Kenya School of Flying,your reply will greately be appreciated

  27. Nostalgic twist…I went solo in ’84 on ‘BAZ’ Cherokee PA28…could that be the same craft…how I’d love to take a one hour joy ride in the local training area…how much would it cost? HMN, Kangema, Murang’a. PS..Why dont you post AIRSHOW dates to all e-mails herein…

  28. david abir says:

    I like the school but no open details are given about it for those who want to join.all I see is the expression of how good it is.I am now convinced but lack proper information about your school….please help us know more about your requirements and such information so that we are informed about you.mostly we should know about your intakes and when they are done.

    • Eulalia,Uaama,Kapara says:

      i like the school,but no open details are given for thos once who are willing to join! can u please send m details when to apply or an Application forms,quaotation,for commerical pilot licence,,becouse am already having a ppl,, futher i obtain ma ppl in Namibia,,what are the produres to join if you are not a citizen,? thnx

  29. Amran sikawa says:

    Hi am love for piloting increases each time i see an aircraft…damn i love aircrafts and i wont stop at nothing till i become a pilot..

  30. Deynnoh says:

    Deynoh here Piloting is my dream career for as long as I can remember…flying school wait I will meet you though a don’t how(the fees is quite not affordable for me)…please tell me how I can get financial backing because I am a gifted fellow and coupled with my passion for airplanes the sky will be the limit

  31. Dominic .N. Magabi says:

    flying has been my dream career ever since i was a child. When i cleared high school, i had high hopes of doing this but due to my financial status i couldn’t. Five years down and i still think about this job. how can i be helped? do you offer scholarships? Thank you.

  32. if only one would look in peoples heart and know the passion one has for being a pilot it would be really simple to just give me a scholarship because i have the burning desire to do aviation……………..

  33. Michael Mwainga says:

    I have been dreaming of becoming a pilot in future,and still i havent lose hope of becoming a pilot.I believe soon i will be able to join you and achieve my dream in Jesus name.Be ready to see me soon u guys…….

  34. Wangui Muruthi says:

    Kindly mail me the fee structure for piloting.

  35. i wil do everything i can to persue my dream as pilot.also if can get some assistace i’ll be very grateful.GOD BLESSINGS.

  36. STEPHEN says:

    Dreams at young age are always really and should not be lost as much as the finance is so big.Any help will be appretiated.Am not losing that Hope.Some day i will be a pilot

  37. asila emmanuel says:

    no money,,,but the dream does exist. isn’t that great. i shall surely join you soon.

  38. Scholarships are available for all aviation related courses including Fight ops, Dispatch, Cabin crew, Undergraduate and Post graduate degree courses and of course pilot training.

    Please visit the for more info

  39. Am Reagan Boaz,I have high determination and intrested to become a pilot since primary.have completed my high school course and got the qualification required.could you kindly how much fee is required for the course.

    i would highly appreciate your respond.

  40. Alex Mburu Ndung'u says:

    My name is Alex, and i am now 25yrs old. My biggest desire is to hav always wanted to be a pilot and therefore afterwards join Kenya defence forces, or kenya police air wings, school fees have been problem in my previous years in both secondary and primary level and still now i cannot meet my college fees. I am now kindly requesting for sponsorship so that i can achieve my dreams and become self reliant. Thank you.

  41. Eulalia,Uaama,Kapara says:

    i like the school,but no open details are given for thos once who are willing to join! can u please send m details when to apply or an Application forms,quaotation,for commerical pilot licence,,becouse am already having a ppl,, futher i obtain ma ppl in Namibia,,what are the produres to join if you are not a citizen,? thnx

  42. Eulalia,Uaama,Kapara says:

    i would like to knw about accmndation,,

  43. Kelvin Kimutai Rono says:

    good morning,am kelvin and would like to be a pilot,i have dreamt to be one since. I wanted to ask if i would train in loan then later will pay through the salary i will be getting.please help me,my dream come true.
    Thanks in advance

  44. RABIN AKU ENANE says:

    Are there scholarships because I’d really love
    to join your school but i don’t have that kind
    of money for schoolfees?? And how can i apply for the schoolarships?

  45. Sharone Atieno says:

    Hi, kindly help me get a scholarship to pursue piloting.

  46. I am very much interested in becoming a pilot now fancial constrant am going through do not allow me.

  47. lewis mutisya muli says:

    am a form 3 student at kanga high school and very much interested in becoming a commercial pilot……how can i join the school for the profession..

  48. I would like to be sponsored by any flight companies to do piloting then i will thereafter work for the that posible?

  49. Lul Deng says:

    Hi,am interested in both PPL and CPL,could you plz send me your contacts so that I get to enquire some of the basic requirements in a more efficient way??

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